Corrine Hunt – Curator’s Choice Winter 2018

Corrine Hunt’s dual background as Kwakwaka’wakw and Tlingit creates a dynamic intertwine between her profoundly personal design ethic and a deep connection to her family’s lineage.

With a rich family history that includes internationally-renowned artists Henry Hunt, Richard Hunt and Tony Hunt, her most significant teach and mentor was her uncle Norman Brotchie who introduced her to the art of jewelry-making.

Corrine’s repertoire extends beyond jewelry and metal work as she pursues carving and painting in various sculptural forms.

Her versatility as an innovative artist and progressive thinker is influenced by her recognition and understanding of cultural globalization as she elevates her artwork to an entirely new level.

Past Exhibitions & Events with the artist: It’s a Good Day; Resilience; and Olympics 10th Anniversary Celebration.

View artist interview here as she speaks about her Resilience exhibition collection.

Explore her current collection online here or in person at the gallery.