Ben Davidson – Curator’s Choice Spring 2018

As an award-winning artist and son of famed Haida master Robert Davidson, Ben has carved out a significant career of his own.

While a featured artist in our most recent Haida Masterworks III exhibition, he demonstrated his progressive style and imaginative interpretations on traditional forms.

He brings together traditional customs and contemporary exploration in harmony, and incorporates non-traditional materials to do so.

Davidson continues to maintain an active role in the Haida community. As an accomplished dancer, he is interested in making fine art objects that can also be put to functional use and ceremonial practice.

His Haida name Tlajang Nang Kingaas translates to ‘the one who is known far away’ and fittingly his work is sought by international collectors as he continues his exploration into the symbiotic relationship between the ceremonial and contemporary role of Haida art.

Explore his collection online here or in person at the gallery.