Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto

After last year’s successful Indigenous Fashion Week in Vancouver, the inaugural Toronto IFW will take place next month beginning May 31 to June 3, 2018.

The first of its kind in Toronto, this exciting event follows Vancouver’s first Indigenous Fashion Week which launched in July 2017 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. VIFW boasted more than 30 designers and artists thereby increasing Indigenous representation within the fashion industry and providing a contemporary creative hub for Indigenous designers.

This month IFWTO announced the designers for 2018, including Lesley Hampton, Helen Oro, Sho Sho Esquiro, and Dorothy Grant. Coastal Peoples Gallery anticipates amazing designs and conversations coming from IFWTO, particularly Dorothy Grant who showcases her collection at the gallery.

“Our community is bursting at the seams with new works in fashion, craft and textiles, and we are proud to be recognizing their artistry at the first Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto. This year’s program of artists and designers represent the diversity of design, expression and tradition from nations across North America and Greenland.”– Sage Paul, Artistic Director, IFWTO

For more details, check out the IFWTO website here and follow them on Instagram here.

Image Credit: Photography by Ratul Debnath via Instagram /@ifwtoronto