Don Yeomans – Curator’s Choice Summer 2018

“Culture has to expand…Culture is inclusive; it is not trapped in one period of history that was your glory days.”

Born in Prince Rupert, Don has dual ancestry with a Haida father from Masset on the Haida Gwaii Islands and a Metis mother from Slave Lake, Alberta. This unusual mix in nationality has given his work a unique vision and perspective.

Since the beginning of his stellar career, he has apprenticed with such luminaries as Bill Reid, Robert Davidson and his aunt Freda Diesing. In jewelry, his expertise and passion has been fueled by working with celebrated artists Phil Janze and Gerry Marks.

Since the gallery’s inception, his works have been exhibited in all three of our Haida Masterworks series (2017, 2013, 2009) as well as Box of Treasures, Where the Spirits Gathers, and Transcendence.

Yeomans’ expertly carved pieces translate his knowledge and understanding of both cultural design and oral history into exquisite objects of fine art.

Explore his collection online here on in person at our gallery.