Celebrating Nunavut Day 2018: Thomas Ugjuk

I am one of those who is somewhere in between, of those who can remember the time before carvings were made and those who know that carvings are a very important part of our life today.” – Thomas Ugjuk

Join Coastal Peoples in celebrating Nunavut Day on July 9th by appreciating the work of Nunavut artist Thomas Ugjuk (1921 – 2012). Ugjuk was born in Whale Cove, Nunavut and was the son of renowned Gjoa Haven artist, John Kavik. The father and son’s styles of carving were akin in many ways; beautifully animating the stone with which they worked.


Ugjuk’s Hunters Struggling for a Knife is executed in the classic Inuit style of carving; rounding and softening the forms of the subject. The hunting figures are interlocked and woven with the striking use of negative space between and around them. The symmetry in their poses is interjected only by the animated expressions of the hunters’ faces.

Thomas Ugjuk’s work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and museum collections.

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