Kevin Cranmer – Curator’s Choice Fall 2018

“My first experience seeing Kwakwaka’wakw art…was with my dad. As a five year old…I recognized the power that these masks and sculptures possessed. This initial experience was [my] first inspiration to learn how to create this art form, to do something I [witnessed] my Dad doing. What inspires me now…is…the richness and complexity of our peoples’ history [and] the art form itself as the visual expression of who we are, and where we descended from.

Being an artist, having this gift to create, gives me the opportunity to show my children Ganao, Daniel and Tony, the wonderful rich heritage that they come from and are connected to. I would like to continue…creating pieces of great beauty, pieces that speak of the quality of the teachings I was fortunate to have.”

As an active participant in the continuation of his cultural heritage, Kevin is a respected and initiated Hamatsa member of the community.

Over the years, his expansive and diverse body of work speak for themselves.

Explore his online collection here or in person at the gallery.