Lyle Wilson – Curator’s Choice Winter 2019

Lyle Wilson recently gave an artist talk at the gallery and he discussed how he has been incorporating all that he’s learned over the years into his collection – “it’s taken me forty years to get here”.

With his immaculate carving style and remarkable attention to detail, his efforts have been unwavering in cultivating the preservation of the Haisla formline especially for the next generation of artists.  As well, he mentioned the recent resurgence of research into Haisla roots and where this has taken both himself and his community.

A common thread in Lyle Wilson’s work is communicating the Haisla stories and dialect that have survived throughout the generations, and he commented on how the Haisla artform has evolved over the centuries and continues to progress as time moves on.

In 2016, the gallery opened a Lyle Wilson solo exhibition “Haislakala: Spoken from the Heart”, which featured masterworks in jewelry and mixed media.

Inspired by his dedication to the Haisla artform and language, Lyle has earned his position as a leader and master artisan within the First Nations arts community

Explore his online collection here on in person at the gallery.