Crafted in the City: Trace Yeomans

Join us for an engaging conversation with Haida/Ukrainian artist Trace Yeomans.

Trace will discuss how she works in fabric applique and other materials in her art, her inspiration and technique in designing pieces that are culturally significant to her combined dual heritage.

When & Where: Saturday, May 18th; 3-5pm @ 332 Water Street, Unit 200 | Gastown

“My art has always been a reflection of who I am.

I work in many different mediums; such as, wood, oil, some bronze and Forton castings and fabric works. I try to create pieces that speak about what I am made up of and what I’ve been through because of it.

My father was Ukrainian, while my mother was Haida; my goal is to bring both those cultures together in my art.

I often use Haida style designs with oil paintings and wood carvings.

For my fabric works, I sometimes combine bright colours of Ukrainian eggs with Haida style applique. Both cultures use eggs, so naturally I’ve combined both in many of my pieces.

I’m constantly looking for new ways to create interesting, meaningful art that will, hopefully, give people a sense of connection to me and my art, whether it be from the Haida side, the Ukrainian side, or both.” – Trace Yeomans, 2019