Maynard Johnny Jr. – Curator’s Choice Summer 2019

Maynard Johnny Jr. began drawing at the early age of 6, and it was in his mid-teens that he began to work seriously at developing his natural artistic talents.  Due to his varied life experience, his work takes influence from many nations; however, he primarily blends Coast Salish with Kwakwaka’wakw art forms which result in a unique and contemporary vision of  cultural legends and their depictions.

“I have had the privilege of learning stories from my elders, stories that have been with my people for thousands of years.  My way of sharing these stories is through my art.”

Maynard is best known for his brightly coloured paintings and serigraph prints, which are bold, dramatic and impactful.  In 2008, his original paintings ‘Four Salmon Heads’ was featured in the Seattle Art Museum’s exhibition “S’abadeb The Gifts” presenting the history and cultural significant of ancient and contemporary works created by Coast Salish peoples, and one of his paintings was featured on the book’s cover.

Over the years, Maynard has expanded his collection of artworks to include public installations, and he created three large panels that were used as decals at entrances and exits at Evergreen Line Skytrain station in Coquitlam, British Columbia.

In April 2019, Coastal Peoples Gallery was delighted to host a ‘Meet the Artist’ event and more details are available here.

Maynard’s artworks have been showcased in exhibitions at Coastal Peoples Gallery including Winter Solstice (2014), Coast Salish Masterworks (2011), Unity (2008) and Coastal Legacy (2007).

Explore his online collection here or in person at the gallery.