Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week 2019

This year’s Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week welcomes over 32 designers and will take place at both the Orpheum and Queen Elizabeth Theatre this November 18th to 21st.

Fashion expresses identity, place and personal creativity. Humans adorn themselves with clothing, jewelry and talismans to explore symbolism, beauty, and belonging as our forms of living and presenting evolve. Behind the scenes, fashion expresses political, environmental and economic statements of land, exchange and ally-ship to its original people. Contemporary Indigenous fashion mixes the legacy of Indigenous artistry with modern day high regalia and street styles: it goes beyond surface beauty and highlights how worn identity can build connection with Indigenous values, wisdom, empowerment, and history.” – VIFW Philosophy Statement

Opening night will kick off with the Red Dress Event on Monday November 18th. The evening is intended to “honor, respect and elevate Indigenous women and girls”, and will feature works by Debra Sparrow, Pam Baker and Morgan Asoyuf.

The second evening on November 20th will be themed “Indigenous Futurism”, emphasizing streetwear and vibrant colourful styles. The closing night “All My Relations” will focus on the diversity found within Indigeneity itself.

First Nations fashion icon, Dorothy Grant, who is often showcased in the VIFM is one of the country’s foremost indigenous designers…you can discover her accessories here in our Gallery collection.

For more details, check out the VIFW website here and follow them on Instagram here.  


Image Credit: All photography owned by Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week via and Instagram