Henry Green – Curator’s Choice Winter 2020

As a recent recipient of the Fulmer Award in First Nations art from the BC Achievement Foundation, Henry Green has achieved a lifetime of recognition for his contribution to Tsimshian arts and culture.

A vast and exemplary collection of artworks has been created by Henry over a lengthy career and he has established himself as a “master ” in carving cedar wood, fine jewelry making, and painting.

During his early years as a carver, Henry was inspired by Haida artist Don Yeomans and apprenticed with internationally-acclaimed Freda Diesing.  Over the years, he has been priviledged to work with well-known Haida carvers Garner Moody and Alvin Atkins.

He studied at Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver, BC and travelled as far as Mexico to attend the Institute of San Miguel D’Allende where he received more formal art training throughout the 1980’s.

He’s been both mentor and teacher to various artists throughout his career and continues to share his knowledge both one-on-one and through his art program.

Henry’s works have been exhibited internationally from Vancouver to Switzerland to Korea and beyond.  Several public museums and galleries house his art in their permanent collections including the UBC Museum of Anthropology.  He’s been featured in an Architectural Digest Magazine article on Totem Pole Carvers of the Northwest Coast.

A video interview with Henry can be discovered and viewed here.

Coastal Peoples has exhibited his art in several of our exhibitions beginning as early as 2001 in Spirits Transform.

For more details on Henry Green artworks from our collection shown below, please click here.