Celebrating Nunavut Day 2021: Mary Simon

Coming together on July 9th to celebrate Nunavut Day is especially significant given that Inuk leader Mary Simon was recently announced as Canada’s 30th Governor General by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Canada has taken a historic step after 154 years by appointing the first Indigenous person to the country’s second highest federal office position and “we will all be stronger for it” Trudeau says.

Mary Simon – “I believe we can build the hopeful future in a way that is respectful of what has happened in the past…If we embrace our common humanity and shared responsibility for one another, Canada’s greatest days are yet to come.”

Previously Simon was the first Inuk to represent Canada as its ambassador to Denmark and circumpolar affairs.

My appointment comes at an especially reflective and dynamic time in our shared history. During my time as governor general, I will work every day towards promoting healing and wellness across Canadian society,” she said, and she is vowing to engage in ensuring the entire country will recognize, memorialize and come to full terms with the the past’s atrocities.

In her new role, she will become the top commander of the Canadian Armed Forces. As an Officer of the Order of Canada, Mary is also a recipient of the Governor General’s Northern Award.

I do understand as an Indigenous person that there is pain and suffering across our nation. But when I was asked whether I would take on this important role, I was very excited,” she said, “This is what we call reconciliation, and it’s a lifelong experience.”

Congratulations to Mary Simon!

Photos Credit: The Canadian Press | Sean Kilpatrick