Yeomans Trilogy Exhibition Opened 2022

On June 4th, our first family-focused exhibition ‘Yeomans Trilogy‘ opened featuring the works of Don, Trace and Kyran Yeomans.

Their combined collections of both contemporary and traditional artworks in an array of mediums illustrating their personal artistic journeys during a global pandemic over the last few years.

All three artists spoke candidly about their experiences, influences and involvement in the process of creating this diverse and innovative collection.

We invite you to visit the exhibition page to view the Yeomans work for yourself, or visit our gallery in person while it continues until July 15, 2022.

We wish to thank all of our exclusively-invited guests who attended the opening reception for their ongoing patronage and support.

A special thank you to the Yeomans and their family for providing one of our most unique shows in the last 25+ years of the Gallery.