Canadian Truth & Reconciliation Day | A Sacred Journey of Healing

On September 30th, we gather as one heart to recognize and pay tribute to the significance of Canadian Truth & Reconciliation Day.

Within the Coastal Peoples Gallery family, we carry a glimmer of hope as reflection inspires a path toward harmonious healing and renewal.

Canadian Truth & Reconciliation Day emerged in response to the 94 Calls to Action presented by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada in 2015.  These calls outlined the necessary steps towards reconciliation with the aim of addressing historical injustices.  

In the embrace of this revered day, we honour the past and acknowledge the pain borne by Indigenous communities. With tenderness and grace, we beckon the truth to stand tall, for it is upon its sturdy shoulders that the foundation of reconciliation is built.

Deep within the artists’ brushstrokes and carvings is the resilience of the human spirit.  They breathe life into the sacred chapters of their cultures and traditions.  They reach our souls through their captivating art form, beckoning us to listen and learn from their wisdom. Their wisdom becomes the nourishment to endeavour towards collective change.

At Coastal Peoples Gallery, we encourage a journey imbued in education, embracing the narratives and histories of Indigenous peoples. We encourage supporting the revitalization of Indigenous languages and arts. With open minds, it plants the seeds of empathy, compassion, and unity.

As Truth & Reconciliation Day dawns, we marvel at the tapestry of interconnectedness beginning to unfold. Communities interlacing their hands and forging connections that span generations to bridge the divide between cultures. Through the arts and shared stories, we discover weaving threads of acceptance and respect into the fabric of our broader communities.

Today, it serves as a significant marker on the journey towards healing and understanding. We collectively move towards a better future by acknowledging the past, embracing Indigenous cultures, and promoting education and dialogue.