Coast Salish Connections: Making it Flow Exhibition Opening | February 2024

Following the success of our recent exhibition, “Coast Salish Connections: Making it Flow,” we are drawn to reflect upon the memorable experience it offered. 

Enhanced by the evocative traditional song played by Xwalacktun during the opening, the Gallery became a sanctuary of collective connection; where threads of ancestral wisdom were woven seamlessly through contemporary artistry.

Art, as experienced, is the universal language that binds humanity together, transcending the boundaries of time, place, and culture. Each brushstroke, each motif, spoke volumes about the intricate tapestry of Coast Salish heritage.  Artists such as Susan Point and Kelly Cannell were inspired by the rugged coastlines and verdant river valleys and breathed life onto their canvases, inviting us to explore the symbiotic relationship between land, spirit, and community.

Within the iconic designs of Margaret August and lessLIE lay a narrative as ancient as time itself, echoing the wisdom passed down through generations. Symbols like the spindle whorl serve as portals to a rich culture where tradition and innovation converge in a harmonious dance.

The preservation of Coast Salish tradition, spanning over 40 distinct Nations, is a lasting testament to the resilience and richness of Indigenous people and their culture. Through “Coast Salish Connections: Making it Flow,” we embarked on a journey of discovery, unravelling the layers of history and heritage that define the Coast Salish identity.

We extend our gratitude to Jane and Angela Marston, whose works graced our walls, for their attendance, and our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who joined us in this celebration, both in person and online. Your presence and support elevated the dialogue and deepened our connection to the Coast Salish narrative.

For those who missed the opportunity to experience the exhibition firsthand, we are pleased to announce that the collection will remain accessible online. We invite you to immerse yourself in the beauty and enchantment of Coast Salish art, wherever you may be.

For those eager to engage more intimately with the collection, private viewings may be arranged at our gallery space through to March 29th. We invite you to journey with us and explore the enduring legacy of the Coast Salish Nation through the lens of contemporary masterworks.

In the spirit of cultural appreciation, let us continue to honour and uplift Indigenous expression today and always.