Kyle Tallio

Kyle Tallio

Nuxalk / Heiltsuk Nations

Kyle Tallio, whose traditional name is Skookum Xlhalhh ti Nan, was born 1994 in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is a fourth-generation artist who identifies as Nuxalk and Heiltsuk.

From an early age, Kyle was exposed to traditional Nuxalk culture through frequent visits to Bella Coola and by attending cultural gatherings, such as potlatches, with his grandparents. In 2012, Kyle moved to Terrace, B.C., to begin his mentorship in both traditional and contemporary Nuxalk art under his father, Lyle Mack. During his mentorship, a strong foundation in design and painting was established. His skills and knowledge were further enriched through assisting his grandfather, Alvin Mack, to deliver a two-week carving program for Ts’ktalclayc in the summer of 2013. He began attending the Freda Diesing Northwest Coast Art Program the following fall.

When he isn’t creating new works, Kyle is often out on the land sharing experiences and knowledge with his family, as well as cooking and sharing meals. Relationship, wellness, and identity are very important to him, including his relationships with things like food and time. Kyle continues to learn about and from both his Nuxalk and Heiltsuk ancestors to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of his identity as an Indigenous individual living in a contemporary world.

I seek to be a knowledge keeper and to have the honor of sharing that knowledge with future generations as a dynamic Nuxalk and Heiltsuk person studying art, culture and the traditions of the past whilst living in and contributing to the twenty-first century.
– Kyle Tallio

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