Alyson Bell

Alyson Bell is a Haida artist from Old Masset, British Columbia

Alyson Bell, a member of the Iij’aaw Yahgu ‘Laanaas Raven Clan from Old Masset in Haida Gwaii, has been immersed in the artistic traditions of her family since childhood.

Learning the art of form-line drawing from her relatives, Alyson’s upbringing was surrounded by the influence of skilled artists who continue to inspire her today.

In 2023, Alyson completed her studies at the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art, specializing in acrylic painting and beginning to explore the craft of alder carving.

In the same year, Alyson embarked on an apprenticeship with renowned Haida artist Robert Davidson (G̲uud San Glans), furthering her design and painting skills as she progresses to carving under his tutelage

Now based in Haida Gwaii, Alyson is dedicated to refining her carving skills and expanding her artistic horizons. Her ultimate goal is to establish her own studio, where she can pass on her knowledge and skills to future generations of Haida artists.

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