Archie Ishuluktak

Inuit Native Artist Archie Ishuluktak from Pangnirtung


Archie Ishulutak was born in Pangnirtung, a small hamlet on Baffin Island’s Northeast corner.

Archie is related to Elisapee Isulutak and to Jaco and Lassaloosie Isulutak who are Elisapee’s sons and well known Pangnirtung sculptors. He is also related to the late Jamesee, Pauloosie, Tomasie and Willie Ishulutak.

Archie’s family background of artists has given him the experience of watching and learning from his relations from an early age.

Archie has lived most of his life on the land and is an excellent hunter. Archie is also an excellent carpenter and has worked for various construction companies, always with good recommendations but he has decided to carve on a full-time basis.

His sculptures depict the traditional life style of the Inuit. He has his own original, innovative and creative designs and style in his artwork. Many of his sculptures are multiple images on one piece of stone or bone depicting the various aspects of living on the land. He is an expert and skillful carver in whalebone, antler, ivory and stone. His work has a distinctive mark of its own.

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