Aubrey Johnston

On the Kwakwaka’wakw side of his family, Aubrey Johnston is related to the prominent families of Assu and Wallace and is a member of the Weka’yi First Nation.  On the Haida side, he’s related to the Simeon family and his ancestry descends through his grandmother on his mother’s side.

Aubrey has worked with well-known and recognized artists, such as Floyd Joseph and Jack James Jr.  Johnston has become a fulltime artist who specializes in finely detailed carvings in wood.  His work includes model poles, bowls, miniature masks, rattles and combs, and he pays particular attention to the craftsmanship on every artwork created.

In 2007, he worked on a Haida Mortuary Pole as a lead carver with Corey Bulpitt, and renowned artist Beau Dick assisted with carving this pole as well.

  • 71. Raven, Killerwhale, Bear & Salmon Pole

    Aubrey Johnston

    $21,000.00 CAD

    Yew wood, Maple wood base, Acrylic paint

    79 x 13 x 13″ (with base)

    76 x 8 x 8″ (without base)