Barnabus Arnasungaaq (1924 - 2017)

Barnabus Arnasungaaq was born in Baker Lake in 1924. As one of the eldest of the original group of carvers still working in Baker Lake, his work has been an influence in his community and on the art of the Keewatin area for four decades.

The artist has carved Basalt stone since 1961 using “simple” non-electric tools. The sculptures that Barnabus creates have a stoic, enduring quality and remarkable presence that has found a large and willing audience throughout the world.

Barnabus was married to graphic artist and carver Fanny Arngnakik (1929-2001). Taking after their parents, sons David (b.1964) and Norman (b. 1969) are carvers as well.

“I don’t know where I get my ideas … because it’s all in your mind. It’s you that carves. I look inside myself. Sometimes, before going to bed, I examine the stone, carefully. And in the morning I know what it will be.” – Barnabus Arnasungaaq

Exhibition information available upon request.