Basil Aptanik

Inuit Native Artist Basil Aptanik from Baker Lake

Baker Lake

Born in 1952, Basil Aptanik has spent his life in the Baker Lake region. His adoptive family includes several well-known artists, including his late step-mother, Martha Aptanik (1915-1972) and his step-brother, Paul Toolooktook. Martha was an exemplary carver and printmaker, while Paul is a well-known and gifted carver.

Between 1970 and 1972, Basil worked as a printer at the Sanavik print shop. There, he produced six prints in three collections.

While Basil has been successful in his printmaking, he has since moved on to carving. He prefers to depict human figures that are typically more detailed and defined than the traditional Baker Lake style. He works in Basalt – the most common material of the area – and bone.

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Works by this Artist (Present + Past + Public)

Past Works

The artist’s Past Works at our Gallery have now sold; however, a custom order may be possible if the artist is available and accepting commissions.