Ben Davidson

Ben Davidson is the son of internationally renowned artist Robert Davidson. He specializes in three-dimensional artwork, such as forton casting and wood carving, although he has been expanding his practice to incorporate different mediums including jewelry and serigraphy.

At the age of sixteen Ben began carving in wood and later apprenticed with his father. He has also worked with well-known master carvers such as his uncle Reg Davidson and John Livingston. 

Ben’s artworks can be seen in many of the top galleries in Vancouver. A recent piece of his was featured in the exhibition Raven Travelling: Two Centuries of Haida Art at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 2006. 

Ben is an accomplished dancer and is an integral member of the Rainbow Creek Dancers. One of his key initiatives is to be an active participant in the Haida community through the mentoring of young artists and his constant exploration of the connection between his art form and ceremonial practice. 

  • Great Echo

    Ben Davidson

    $475.00 CAD

    Serigraph, Edition of 21




    “My father’s understanding of Greatest Echo, is that this supernatural being has the ability to echo the past and bring it into the future. We dance the Greatest Echo masks to remind ourselves of our responsibility to learn the knowledge of the previous generations and to make that knowledge meaningful in our daily lives.

    Yellow is echoed in each of these [designs]. It represents the knowledge of our ancestors. Our knowledge was strong before contact. It was passed from generation to generation without threat. Attempts to assimilate us and erase our identities through colonization resulted in our knowledge being muted; this was a dark period in our history. However, despite this, we continued to pass on our knowledge to our children.

    Today, our connection to this ancient knowledge is emerging once again. We must continue to move forward, but, as my tsinii told my father, ‘You have to look back once and a while to see where you came from, so you can always find your way back.’”

    – Ben Davidson, 2018

  • Tide Walker

    Ben Davidson

    $850.00 CAD

    Serigraph, Edition of 77



    28.75 x 19.25″

    Ben Davidson’s Tide Walker is a remarkably expressive serigraph by one of the Northwest Coast’s foremost artists. The blend of traditional and contemporary formlines, as well as the use of rich and saturated colour, joins to create an aesthetic that is distinctly a Ben Davidson work.


    Below are the artist’s own words regarding this piece:

    “Tide Walker exists in the space between the land and the ocean. From afar, he appears as a dorsal fin, so we imagine his body beneath the waves. We are so desperate to be the first to see the killer whale that we allow our minds to complete his story before we have time to determine the truth. We are so swiftly lured into believing the surface story that we rarely take time to consider what lies beneath.” (Davidson, 2017).

    Ben Davidson is an internationally renowned contemporary First Nations artist. He is the son of Robert Davidson, also of international fame. Ben stays true to his Haida ancestry, while always pushing the boundaries of traditional artwork.

  • 38. Watchmen Amulet

    Ben Davidson

    $15,000.00 CAD

    22K Yellow Gold, Abalone shell, Cast

    Edition 3 of 5

    2 x 1 x 0.75″

  • 30. Haida Beaver Panel

    Ben Davidson

    $35,000.00 CAD

    Red Cedar wood


    38 x 26 x 2.5″

  • Riiibbit

    Ben Davidson

    $600.00 CAD

    Serigraph, Edition of 71



  • 31. T’siwg (Beaver)

    Ben Davidson

    $800.00 CAD

    Serigraph, Edition of 81



  • 32. Frog Panel

    Ben Davidson

    Price upon request

    Red Cedar wood, Acrylic paint

    67 x 10 x 1″

  • 35. Raven and His Family Mask

    Ben Davidson

    $13,500.00 CAD

    Cast Forton, Aluminum paint

    Limited Edition of 9

    20 x 20 x 12″

  • 37. Can U Bear to Sea It Panel

    Ben Davidson

    $7,800.00 CAD

    Cast Bronze and Forton, Patina

    Edition of 9


    26 x 20.5 x 2.5″

  • 91. Butter Cycle – Turquoise/Pink

    Ben Davidson

    $650.00 CAD

    Serigraph, Edition of 69

    Turquoise/Pink (Created only 15)