Betsy Meeko

Inuit Native Artist Betsy Meeko from Sanikiluaq


Betsy Meeko was born in 1943 and has been a self-taught, active carver since the young age of 19. Her basket weaving came later in her career in 2004.

She is acclaimed for her delicate and minimalist carvings depicting wildlife. The intricate baskets that Betsy weaves features lid handles made from her sculptures. These small sculptures illustrate seals, owls, loons, walrus, Beluga whales, fish and people.

The best source for her dried grass in weaving is from Kuujjuarrapik and basket making can take several months, which requires great patience.

As well, she is an expert sewer and can create clothing from mittens to kamiks and parkas.

She has had 4 children with her husband Samson and is a stay at home mother. All of her children are fully grown, and two of her sons Lucassie and Zacharias are carvers. Her father was the legendary hunter Sanikiluaq. Betsy’s three brothers are all deceased and she has one older sister and two younger.

Works by this Artist (Present + Past + Public)

Present Works

  • Coiled Basket with Eagles

    Betsy Meeko



    Woven coiled grass basket, Thread (coloured), Serpentine stone

    The process of basket-making is long and arduous as it can take up to a month to weave a large basket. Baskets are made from repeatedly coiling the grass from the bottom of the basket and building the basket up. Designs are created by stitching thread onto the basket, however some designs are actually woven in. This thread can be made from a number of materials, such as de-haired sealskin, leather, and yarn.