Brent Sparrow

Northwest Coast Native Artist Brent Sparrow from Coast Salish (Musqueam) Nation

Coast Salish (Musqueam) Nation

Brent Sparrow is an established Coast Salish artist, and was born in 1970 on the Musqueam First Nation in Vancouver, British Columbia.

For a few years beginning in 2006, Brent apprenticed and carved alongside his mother Susan A. Point RCA as well as master carver John Livingston. In 2012, he had only been carving for 5 and a half years.

He worked with his mother on the creation and installation of several major public art pieces, including pieces for the Seattle Art Museum, the City of Vancouver, the City of Richmond, the Seattle Children’s Hospital, Stanley Park Gateways, the Vancouver Convention Centre, YVR Skytrain Station and created a commissioned art work for CBC (5 carved painted panels).

Some of his own projects include a stainless steel and glass whorl installation entitled “Bright Futures”, which was commissioned by the Vancouver 2010 Aboriginal Art Program and is permanently displayed in front of the Killarney Community Centre. He designed a Museum post for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics opening ceremony. In 2011/2012, he was commissioned to create a 41-foot house post for outside University of British Columbia’s Allard’s Hall.

Brent has years of experience as a welder. He has his provincial “B” Red Seal as well as his first year Steel Fabrication which were both completed at BCIT. This background has helped him and his family with the instillation of major artworks and projects, and will continue to influence his future work.

His awareness and knowledge of Coast Salish Art culture and traditional interests began with his mother. As an established Coast Salish artist, Susan A. Point helped to create an inspirational learning experience that surrounds Brent every day. This upbringing will be apart of his life and his art for years to come.

Brent creates art to explore and expand the possibilities of his heritage and Coast Salish style, paying tribute to his Salish legacy. Using his heritage as a base, Brent has created several original designs in his own unique style and, as a young Salish artist, he is committed to contributing to his culture.

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