Camille Iquliq

Inuit Native Artist Camille Iquliq from Baker Lake

Baker Lake

(1963 – 2005)

Camille Iquliq was born in the Kivalliq region of the Nunavut Territory to a large family of renowned arctic artists. Her families’ work is featured in exhibitions all over the Americas as well as in England, Belgium and France. Her father, Toona Iquliq, was a master stone carver whose style greatly influenced that of his daughter. Both of their works depict distinctive, round figures with a particular focus on facial expressions. Her brothers, Johnny and Louie, are also practiced stone carvers.

Camille’s mother, Sarah Anautaq Iquliq, an accomplished carver in her own right, was widely known for her drawings and prints. Much of Camille’s work focuses on the relationship between mother and child with many of her pieces depicting two figures in close embrace. The emotions depicted are amplified by the expressions on the faces of her figures.

Camille was gaining recognition as one of the finest cavers of the Baker lake region before her untimely death due to cancer. Her brother Louie and her family’s descendants continue to carry on their proud tradition of carving to this day.

Works by this Artist (Present + Past + Public)

Past Works

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