Daniel Yunkws

Northwest Coast Native Artist Daniel Yunkws from Gitksan Nation

Gitksan Nation

Daniel Yunkws is a former apprentice of noted Gitksan artist, Philip Janze, who educated Daniel on various wood and jewelry carving techniques. After completing his apprenticeship, Daniel began to explore the combination of both aspects of his heritage; his Gitksan side and his Celtic side. Primarily he experimented in silver, creating lovely fluid designs in which his pairing of forms in a whimsical approach set him apart from his peers. Not only did he enjoy experimenting with silver and gold, but continued to further his carving techniques in wood.

Currently, Daniel primarily works in maple, alder, cedar, silver and gold, but his medium of choice depends on what he is able to discover. Creating truly beautiful images within each piece, Daniel is a gifted artist whose innovations and unique depictions show the evolution of Gitksan art for future generations to embrace and understand. He is well on his way to furthering his career as an accomplished northern artist who already boasts a strong following.