David Neel

David Neel has been creating art in the Kwakwaka’wakw style for over twenty years. His paintings, printmaking, carvings, and jewelry are all informed by his heritage, which includes several successful artists: Dave Neel Sr., his father; Ellen Neel, his grandmother; Mungo Martin, his great-great uncle; and Charlie James, his great-great-great grandfather. While many of his pieces are more contemporary in their material and design, Neel learned carving in the traditional style by his family and peers in his father’s village.

While Neel portrays meaningful stories and traditional values in all of his pieces, he says he finds jewelry the most impactful art form. He appreciates the fact that clients attach their own meaning to his jewelry and that it is used to mark important, personal events in people’s lives.

Neel has exhibited his work in many public institutions, including solo exhibitions at: the National Portrait Gallery of Canada; The Smithsonian Institution – NMAI; the Venice Biennale, and his work is represented in numerous public collections. His children are following in family legacy; studying art at the Emily Carr University and working with their father.

  • Eagle Pendant

    David Neel

    $325.00 CAD

    Sterling silver, Engraved, Oxidized

    Sterling silver Omero chain available separately.

  • Thunderbird Creation Panel

    David Neel


    Red Cedar wood, Acrylic paint

  • Bukwus Mask

    David Neel

    Price upon request

    Red Cedar wood, Acrylic paint
    21 x 13.5 x 9″
    (30 x 15 x 9″ including hair)

  • Raven Transforming Pendant

    David Neel

    $1,200.00 CAD

    14K Yellow gold, Engraved

    18K Yellow gold Omero chain available separately.

  • Hummingbird and Bear Box

    David Neel

    $300.00 CAD

    Serigraph, Edition of 70


  • My Final Exam Raven Box

    David Neel

    $12,000.00 CAD

    Sterling Silver, Gold, Engraved, Oxidized


  • Wolf Bracelet

    David Neel

    $4,800.00 CAD

    14kt Yellow Gold, Engraved, Oxidized


  • Eagle, Salmon and Killerwhale Necklace

    David Neel

    $900.00 CAD

    Sterling silver, 23K Gold, Engraved

  • Raven with Human Pendant

    David Neel

    $2,600.00 CAD

    Sterling silver, 23K Yellow gold, Abalone shell

    with Oxidization


  • Eagle, Bear, Frog & Salmon Necklace

    David Neel

    $3,800.00 CAD

    Sterling silver, 14K Gold, Engraved

  • Eagle Ring

    David Neel

    $900.00 CAD

    18K Yellow Gold

    Gypsy Set Sapphire 1.5mm

    Size 11

  • Wolf Ring

    David Neel

    $1,150.00 CAD

    14K White Gold with 14K Yellow Gold Rails


    Size 7