David Poisey

Inuit Native Artist David Poisey from Pangnirtung


David Poisey is an accomplished videographer and printmaker from Kiviroo who currently resides in the Arctic hamlet Pangnirtung on Baffin Island in the territory of Nunavut.

In 1991, he directed the film “Starting Fire with Gunpowder”, and has since worked on multiple films in numerous capacities. Poisey has won many awards and is recognized as a mentor within the film industry and art world for his commitment to sharing Inuit stories.

Poisey’s print work focuses on depictions of life in the Arctic. His colourful, detailed works tell the everyday stories of his people. To this day the Inuit live in a more traditional manner and it’s not always an easy life. Their day to day living is somewhat alien to modern western society, and Poisey’s work shines a light on the habitual tasks of an age-old culture.