Doug Zilkie

Northwest Coast style Artist Doug Zilkie

Born in the Comox Valley in 1961, Doug Zilkie has carved in the Haida style since he was 16 years of age. He has gained valuable experience by working with such artists as Bill Reid, Don Yeomans, and Glen Rabena. While Doug works in a variety of mediums, his incredibly well-crafted totem poles have garnered him international acclamation.

In 1989 Doug left the Comox Valley to hone his craft with Haida artist Don Yeomans. Together, among other works of art, they created two eight-foot totems, which are now on display in private collections in the United States. While working in Vancouver, British Columbia, Doug began a successful working relationship with Bill Reid, helping him create the “Spirit of Haida Gwaii.” This iconic sculpture, cast in bronze, is located in the International wing of the Vancouver Airport and its image graces the back of the Canadian $20 bill. In 1991 Doug Zilkie was highlighted in the feature book title, ”The Black Canoe” which chronicles the development of this monumental project.

Doug has gained an international reputation as a respected artist, with several notable commissions by the Canadian government. Doug was commissioned in 1991 by the Canadian government to carve and paint two red cedar front doors for the embassy in Tanzania, Africa. And in 1993, his mask titled “Haida Sea Ghost” was acquired for the art collection of the Canadian Embassy in Berlin.

Doug continues to prove a multifaceted and distinctive artist, creating works in a variety of media including wood, bronze, silver, stone and graphics. He is also a highly respected screen printer and has cut the stencils for many prints used in Northwest Coast Native art. As he continues to develop and excel at his craft, his artwork is increasingly sought after by collectors worldwide.

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