Ematuluk Saggiak

Inuit Native Artist Ematuluk Saggiak from Cape Dorset

Cape Dorset

Ematuluk Saggiak was born 23 December 1955 and currently resides in Cape Dorset, set within the Baffin Island area. Influenced by his father, Saggiak Saggiak, Ematuluk started to carve in the early 1970s and has become a well-established Inuit artist.

Inuit Art is born of various regional styles, and Cape Dorset is probably the most famous art producing community in Canada’s north. Rooted in a love of naturalism and an interest in wild life and the spirit world these unique sculptures incorporate the flamboyant, dramatic and decorative. Ematuluk’s work exhibits a beauty that goes beyond the manipulating of the material; it contains a visual self-consciousness of both artist and viewer. These unique works reference not only the beauty of the wilderness but also the haunting beauty of the Arctic land, landscape, flora and fauna.

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    Ematuluk Saggiak

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