Garner Moody

Northwest Coast Native Artist Garner Moody from Haida Nation

Haida Nation

Garner Moody was born in Prince Rupert, B.C. on May 27th, 1958. Although born in Prince Rupert, Garner was adopted by Lloyd and Muriel Moody of Skidegate, B.C., making him the nephew of Haida artist Rufus Moody.

Garner began carving at the early age of nine and, by age fifteen, he was carving his first piece of argillite. After moving to Vancouver in 1987, he spent the next two years working with renowned Haida artist Bill Reid on his Lootaas canoe and alongside a host of accomplished carvers such as Alfred Collinson, Rufus Moody, Giitsxaa, Nelson Cross, and Ding (Melvin) Hutchingson.

He was featured in the powerful television series ‘Ravens & Eagles’ filmed entirely in British Columbia.  This 13-part program celebrated the traditions of Haida art through the perspective of those who practice its form. Both Garner Moody and Tim Boyko were highlighted as some of the last apprentices to work with the late master carver Bill Reid, and were recognized as some of the most promising emerging artists from Haida Gwaii.

Now residing in the Queen Charlotte Islands, Garner Moody works in various mediums including cedar, gold, argillite and paper – all exemplifying his exquisite attention to detail and extraordinary artistic skills.

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