Garnet Tobacco

Plains Native Artist Garnet Tobacco from Cree Nation

Cree Nation

1964 – 2023

Garnet Tobacco was born on February 6th, 1964 in The Pas, located in Northwestern Manitoba. His tribal affiliation was Cree and he took the Buffalo as his family crest symbol.

Garnet had been painting for over thirty years and occasionally embarks on carving soapstone. He apprenticed under a prominent artist by the name of Isaac Bignell who since passed away at a young age.

Isaac’s style and form greatly influenced Garnet who continued to preserve it until his passing. Fluid lines, soft earthy tones in a simplistic background were all characteristics that have attracted many collectors to this Cree art form. The animals depicted are those common to the plains region such as bison, herons, eagles, and hawks.

Garnet was a prolific artist who only created original works. His friendship with his teacher, Isaac Bignell, was something he treasured, so preserving Isaac’s style kept his identity alive for many to understand and collect.

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