Gary Starr

Gary was born June 28th, 1972 in Rochester, New York, United States. He is part Cree and part Mohawk, two nation that inhabit the central eastern region of North America. He takes the Turtle, a symbol of longevity, as his family crest symbol.

When Gary moved to the west coast, he became very intrigued by the First Nation's culture and artwork. He began carving on his own and then apprenticed under his father's nephew, Barry Scow, an established Kwakwaka'wakw artist. Gary has been carving in the the coast style for only a short time, but his artwork reveals a much more advanced execution. His style is traditionally Kwakwaka'wakw in that he uses the traditional colours, form and shape to achieve his designs. 

Gary is considered an up and coming artist who is well on his way to achieving a porminence level beyond his years. 

  • Copper Rattle

    Gary Starr

    $625.00 CAD

    Red Cedar wood, Cedar bark, Acrylic paint