Geoff Greene

Northwest Coast Native Artist Geoff Greene from Haida Nation

Haida Nation

Geoff Greene began his journey on May 10th, 1959 in Skidegate, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia.

The Haida people are a matriarchal nation. In the spirit of matriarchal culture, Geoff inherited his talent as an artist naturally. Geoff credits his mother and grandmother for both influencing and promoting his artistic talent.

Geoff’s art has been influenced by his history, his culture and Haida traditions. The traditional designs and styles of the old people and famous artists such as Tom Price and Charles Edenshaw, are the visions Geoff captures in his art. Geoff strongly believes that it is in his history where the pride of his people lies, and so he has chosen not to adopt a contemporary style to his art. Geoff chooses to access traditional styles in his work, utilizing the colours of red and black in order to continually respect his ancestry.

Geoff’s creativity and talent can be found in a variety of media. The scope of who he is can be found in his argillite carvings, silverwork, paintings, Japanese Glass Balls, and traditional drums. His work evolves around the crests and legends of the Haida people. Geoff’s work recognizes honors and celebrates the many gifts of Mother Earth. Images of whales, eagles, ravens and frogs can be found throughout his work.

Geoff’s pieces can be found in many private collections. He displays and markets his art in galleries within Haida Gwaii and is presently branching out into the Vancouver market. Geoff belongs to the Raven and the Eagle Clans. Given who he is and where he comes from, it is certain that the ‘spirit of flight’ will remain a constant in Geoff’s artwork.

Works by this Artist (Present + Past + Public)

Present Works

  • Haida Eagle Pole

    Geoff Greene


    Glass, Etched and Sandblasted, 20K Gold Leaf, Edition of 57

    Glass thickness 12mm

    Exclusive to Coastal Peoples Fine Arts Gallery – currently available by custom order only – please ask us for details

    Geoff Greene’s Haida Eagle Totem pays tribute to an important symbol and crest figure to the Haida nation. Created in the contemporary medium of glass, the Haida Eagle Totem celebrates traditional design within a luminous setting that speaks to the evolution of the classic Haida form.

    The Eagle is respected for its intelligence and power as well as its vision both figurative and literal; it claims both honor and a high stature. The Eagle Clan is traditionally the most prominent family and the Eagle Chief the most powerful chief. Although revered as a powerful hunter, the Eagle’s feathers are considered sacred. Traditionally, Shamans believed that Eagle feathers possessed healing powers and thus used them in various ceremonial and ritual contexts; today these feathers are still strewn to welcome an honored guest.

    Geoff Greene’s beautifully etched and sandblasted Haida Eagle Totem employs the magnificent translucent nature of glass in its finish along with the accent of gold leaf to provide additional depth and interest within this unique work. Masterly created, this piece blends ancient animal symbolism within a stylized contemporary form and demonstrates how many artists are setting themselves apart through their unique concepts.

    Available with Stainless steel or Natural Maple wood base.