Greg White Lightbown

Northwest Coast Native Artist Greg White Lightbown from Haida Nation

Haida Nation

Greg White Lightbown was born in 1953 in Masset, Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, also known as Haida Gwaii. It is one of the northern most nations and is considered to be one of the primary inhabitants of Canada’s western coastline.

His great-grandfather is Charles Edenshaw (1839-1920), a chief of thee StA’stas Eagle clan and who was considered the most influential Haida artist of his time. One of Charles’ granddaughters Lavine White, the daughter of Emily Edenshaw and Henry White, is mother to Greg.

Greg became involved in carving argillite in the late 1960s at a time when it was readily available and was highly collected and traded. He focused on this medium, in keeping with the traditional Haida form, in order to preserve the skilled craft. Greg is known for his unique depictions reflecting a slice of Haida culture. His attention to detail and fluid form lines are prevalent in each argillite sculpture he creates.

Greg has lived in Masset all of his life and currently resides there with his family. His inspiration and creativity is active while being surrounded by his ancestry. He is one of the many artists of the 20th century who are concentrating on preserving their heritage and artistry for future generations.

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