Henry Reece

Northwest Coast Native Artist Henry Reece from Tsimshian Nation

Tsimshian Nation

Henry Reece represents the new generation of mask carvers who are creating traditional pieces relating to their own heritage. Being of Tsimshian descent and coming from a family of master carvers drew Henry naturally into carving. His first cousin, Heber, taught him the traditional form and the skills to achieve detail and uniformity in his work. Henry has also been influenced by and worked under master carvers such as Terry Starr, Victor Reece, Ron Telek and Jay Brabant.

All together he has been carving since 1996. In 1998, Henry attended a prominent First Nations art school known as K’san. There, he studied form lining and designing in order to improve his technical skills. His attendance lasted for one year at which time he branched out on his own to explore the art market with his pieces. Although Henry has been carving for a short period of time, his workmanship portrays the knowledge of a more experienced artist. This ability will enable him to reach a more established level in a shorter time span.