Itulu Etidloie

Inuit Native Artist Itulu Etidloie from Cape Dorset

Cape Dorset

Itulu Etidloie was born in 1946 in Tulukanni, Nunavut.

From a young age, he would watch his father as he carved, which helped him become very familiar with the art form. Itulu began carving himself in his early twenties, and grew into an established artist over the course of his career. He is most famous for his stunning loon sculptures, which were the primary subject of his work for 25 years. He has also carved various other figures, such as dancing bears, birds, and wolves.

His style is highly representative of Cape Dorset art and is rooted in a love for naturalism with an affinity for decorative stylization. Itulu’s carvings are made of finest serpentine, using varying green shades with gold veining – smoothed and highly polished to best exhibit the beauty of the stone.

Itulu’s family is full of established artists – including his brother, Kelly Etidloie, his sister, Omalluk Oshutsiak, and his father, Etidloi Etidloie. There are several younger members of the family who are also very gifted carvers: Mary and Pitseolak Oshutsiak, Isaac Etidloie (Itulu’s son), and Toonoo Etidloie. Itulu’s work was exhibited in Canada, the US, and Germany.

Works by this Artist (Present + Past + Public)

Past Works

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