Jane Marston

Jane is a Coast Salish First Nation Artist, a mother of seven grown children, and a proud Grandmother.

Jane started carving under mentorship of Simon Charlie in 1984, and worked on art projects with Simon until April 2005.

Totem poles, ceremonial rattles, dolls, talking sticks, dancing sticks, paddles, and ceremonial masks have become Jane's specialities. Although her main medium is wood, she has also become proficient in watercolour, doing scenes with symbols that depict her native culture. Her inspiration comes from old Salish Art and nature. She believes that we need traditional symbols but we must dream new dreams and invent new art that speaks to us in our present day.

GROUP EXHIBTIONS:2011 “Coast Salish Masterworks”, Coastal Peoples Gallery

  • Medicinal Plants Bentwood Box – Camas, Ginger, Rose, Salmon Berry

    Jane Marston

    $11,000.00 CAD

    Yellow Cedar wood, Cedar bark, Copper, Acrylic paint