Jesse Brillon

Jesse Brillon was born November 25th, 1972 in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada. This small coastal city is located in the Northern region of the province. It is a rich cultural center for the Tsimshian and Haida nations and is therefore a source of inspiration for many artisans including Jesse.

Jesse grew up in Prince Rupert, where as a young boy, he was immersed in his culture and he would watch his elders create important ceremonial objects. Upon graduating from high school, Jesse received a special gift from his family, which was a gold repose bracelet by noted artist, Don Yeomans. He was very grateful for the gift, not only to own it, but it inspired him to pursue an art career of his own. Consequently, Jesse met with Don Yeomans and worked with him for a year where he learned basic designing and engraving techniques in silver and gold as well as in wood.

Having some knowledge of engraving under his belt, Jesse moved to Hazelton, British Columbia where he became acquainted with noted Gitksan artist, Philip Janze. He began his apprenticeship under him and continues to work under his guidance. Philip Janze, widely known for his expertise in the techniques known as chasing and repose work, has greatly influenced and inspired Jesse to create his own jewelry pieces in this style.

Currently, Jesse continues to create jewelry pieces in silver and gold and plans to challenge himself with the art of woodcarving. He is clearly on his way to establishing himself as an emerging Haida artist whose work is already sought after by many collectors worldwide.

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