Kakee Ningeosiaq

Inuit Native Artist Kakee Ningeosiaq from Cape Dorset

Cape Dorset

Kakee Ningeosiaq was born in Iqaluit in 1973. He began carving at the age of 16 and is largely self-taught. Both of his parents were sculptors in Cape Dorset, and his grandfather, Jamasie Teevee, was a well-known graphic artist. In 1993, Kakee moved to Cape Dorset at the age of twenty.

Known for creating delicate, graceful, and extraordinarily complex sculptures, Kakee uses the most striking selections of serpentine stone. His favorite subjects to carve are birds and whales, which he depicts with impressive fluidity of movement.

Works by this Artist (Present + Past + Public)

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Past Works

The artist’s Past Works at our Gallery have now sold; however, a custom order may be possible if the artist is available and accepting commissions.