Kellipallik (Kelly) Etidloie

Inuit Native Artist Kelly Etidloie from Cape Dorset

Cape Dorset

Kellipallik Etidloie was born in Cape Dorset in 1966. His mother passed away shortly after his birth, and he was adopted by Kingmeata and Etidlooie Etidloie.

Both of his adoptive parents were established artists who were dedicated to their craft, and passed on their skills to their children. Kellipalik learned to carve by watching his elders and helping his older siblings. At the encouragement of his sister, Kellipallik carved his first sculpture at the age of 15.

In his early career, Kellipalik moved to Montreal for 5 years to work at Polar North and refine his skills. During this time, he had the chance to work with many wonderful artists, such as Moe Pootoogook, Markoosie Papigatok, Teevee Atsealak and Pauloosie Joanasie. Eventually, Kellipalik decided to move back to Cape Dorset, where he continues to work today.

Kellipalik’s early work consisted primarily of carved masks with human faces and birds incorporated into the design. However, in recent years, Kellipalik has been exploring the theme of wildlife grooming themselves. He enjoys carving Muskoxen the most, as they allow him to add a high level of detail to the sculpture, particularly in his depiction of the hair. He is best known for his carvings of Narwhals, Muskoxen, and Inuksuit, and his work has been exhibited in Canada, USA, France, Germany and Switzerland.

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