Klatle Bhi

Northwest Coast Native Artist Klatle Bhi from Coast Salish / Kwakwaka'wakw Nation

Coast Salish / Kwakwaka’wakw Nations

Klatle Bhi, pronounced “Klath Bay”, was born in North Vancouver, British Columbia in 1966. His name, given to him by his grandmother, Emily Baker, means “Head Killerwhale of a pod of Killerwhales.”

His interest in the art world began at a young age with avid study of his ancestors who were featured in museums and galleries. He spent two years apprenticing with master carver Simon Dick and attributes a large part of his success to this time.

Klatle Bhi spent many hours with Wayne Alfred, Wade Baker, and Rick Harry absorbing their understanding and knowledge of Native culture. His uncle, T. Richard Baker, has shared with Klatle the knowledge he has gained over many years of working with renowned Haida artists Bill Reid, Robert Davidson and Jim Hart.

Klatle is committed to the spiritual and cultural expression of his people. He has taken part in cultural events such as mask dancing, singing, Potlaching as well as playing a prominent role in the revival of sea-going canoe journeys. Many of his carvings and graphics express his personal and spiritual journey. To Klatle, creating with his hands serves as a source of purification and learning.

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