Lionel Samuels

Northwest Coast Native Artist Lionel Samuels from Haida Nation

Haida Nation

Lionel Samuels was born in 1963 in Masset on the Queen Charlotte Islands in British Columbia, Canada. He is a member of the Haida Nation and he takes the Raven, revered as the hero, creator, trickster and transformer, as his family crest symbol.

Lionel reveals that it was only natural that he began making Northwest Coast Native art since it was an integral part of his family heritage. He has been carving argillite since the age of twenty and he is the grandson of a famous argillite carver, Captain Andrew Brown.

Lionel is versed in carving argillite, cedar wood, silver and gold and he paints originals. His workmanship reveals a great deal of intricacy, balance and depth. His argillite pieces are commonly carved on both sides, when in pendant form, and his sculptures, whether miniature or large have a four dimensional quality that is distinctive and sought-after by many collectors.

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