Lucassie Mikkigak

Inuit Native Artist Lucassie Mikkigak from Cape Dorset

Cape Dorset

Lucassie Mikkigak was born in Cape Dorset on August 19th, 1981. He is the son of artists Ohotaq and Quanaq Mikkigak.

Ohotaq Mikkigak (1936-2014) was best known for his drawings, which were inspired by the environment that surrounded him. While these drawing often featured people or animals, his favorite subject to draw was the Arctic landscape. He began drawing in the early years of the print program in Cape Dorset, and his print, Eskimo Fox Trapper, was released in 1961.

Quanaq Mikkigak (1932) is primarily known for her carvings, but she has also created many beautiful drawings. She began carving as a young girl, after the death of her father. Her and her husband were both employed in wage work for most of their lives, so her carvings were always done out of personal enjoyment rather than necessity. Many believe that her love of carving adds a level of charm to each piece she creates.

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