Marven Tallio

Northwest Coast Native Artist Marven Tallio from Nuxalk Nation

Nuxalk Nation

(1966 – 2018)

In 1966 Marven Tallio was born in Bella Bella, which is a small township located on the central coast of British Columbia. He was a member of the Nuxalk Nation, formerly known as the Bella Coola. The Killerwhale, Grizzly Bear and the Eagle were his predominant family crest symbols.

Marven Tallio came from a line of artists; his father, Glen Tallio, is an accomplished artisan and has been documented in various art publications. He had passed on his age-old tradition to his son. In 1973, as a youngster, Marven began carving small plaques and by 1985, while attending the Vancouver Education Centre, he seized the opportunity to study jewelry design under renowned Haisla Master Carver, Derek Wilson.

Marven was well-versed in various design mediums, including original painting, printmaking, silver/ gold design and woodcarving. Marven enhanced his knowledge of design by exploring various medium alternatives at the Emily Carr Institute of Art in Vancouver.

Tallio continued to grow as an artist and his artwork evolved with the expansion of his knowledge and skills. As the Nuxalk people are a smaller Nation, Tallio saw it as imperative for himself to preserve their distinctive style for future generations. Marven Tallio was one of the many artists dedicated to preserving his culture and heritage via his artwork. His work can be found throughout many local and international collections.

Marven Tallio passed away in September 2018.

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