Ningeosiak Ashoona

Inuit Native Artist Ningeosiak Ashoona from Cape Dorset

Cape Dorset

Ningeosiak Ashoona was born on December 20, 1979.  She is the daughter of artists Mayureak and Qaqaq Ashoona.

Ningeosiak began carving at a very young age, as she was inspired and mentored by her mother and father. Her grandmother, Piseolak Ashoona, was also a legendary graphic artist, known for helping to develop the graphic arts program in northern Canada. While there are very few female carvers in Cape Dorset, Ningeosiak has made quite a name for herself and continues to create extremely intricate works which are featured in galleries across North America.

Using both traditional and modern tools, Ningeosiak has developed a very distinctive style that conveys dramatic yet delicate features within each carving. She excels in bird forms, often creating loons and other water creatures that have long, extending necks and other features.

Ningeosiak’s work has been described as powerful, dynamic and energetic; yet, there is great elegance in her representations of the north, which evoke warmth and caring brought forth by the artist herself.