Noo Atsiaq

Inuit Native Artist Noo Atsiaq from Cape Dorset

Cape Dorset


Noo Atsiaq was born in Iqaluit (Frobisher Bay), Nunavut in 1986 and spent his life in Cape Dorset. Sadly, Noo passed away at the young age of 28, leaving behind his parents, Alashua Atsiaq and Piulia Pudlalik Atsiaq. Noo began carving at the age of 11, and “never missed a day!” Similar to many younger artists, he came from a family that was part of the original art makers of Cape Dorset. He learned by watching his elders carve, in particular his father, Alashua.

Following in the footsteps of his ancestors, Atsiaq strove to carve in his own style. His work embodied a fluid sense of movement – incorporating the inner nature of each piece of stone he worked with. Skilled at creating rounded lines, Noo’s use of positive and negative space gave his work a strong sense of presence and design. He can be found creating carvings of all subject matters, but is increasingly well known for his walking and dancing bears.


November 2013 Arctic Wind IV: An Expression of Freedom
Coastal Peoples Fine Arts Gallery
Vancouver, British Columbia

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