Paul Malliki

Paul was born January 8, 1956, in the community of Kapuivuk on Jenns Monk Island. His parents are Seemee (father) and Soporah (mother).

Paul is a self-taught artist. He prefers to carve in only hard stone, such as marble or granite, which require power tools to penetrate. He will also use manual tools when working with softer stones, however these pieces are made by request and demand, rather than by choice. All the stones Paul carves are locally sourced from his home of Repulse Bay.

Paul is a very established and widely exhibited Repulse Bay artists. He is also one of the few local sculptors to make his living entirely from his art. Paul is best known for his portrayal of finely finished spirit animals. As a hunter, Paul has gained intimate knowledge of the animals’ physiology and autonomy, influencing his sculptural decisions.

Through Paul’s role as the teacher at the Arctic College sculpture course, he has taken on a strong role in promoting development among local artists. His tutelage has fostered several artistic careers in Repulse Bay, including those of his brother Lazarus and Jackie Milortok. Paul’s influence can be felt throughout contemporary Repulse Bay sculpture, in the attention paid to inlaid detail on bear’s paws or the careful inter-carving of legs on a hunter or animal. These elements are made possible through the skilled use of modern power tools. When asked if he has a favourite subject, Paul responds “as long as it has something to do with carving, it’s my favoruite.”

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