Peter Malgokak

Inuit Native Artist Peter Malgokak from Ulukhaktok


Peter Malgokak was born in 1954 on west Vancouver Island, at the northernmost camp in the Berkeley Point area. His family consists of his parents, Malgokak and Alikamik, and his brother, Josepeh Kitekudlak, who is also a carver. He now lives on Holman Island, Northwest Territories after his family relocated there when his father became ill in 1966.

Malgokak didn’t begin carving until 1975, after spending several years in his late teens working for an artist co-op. From then on, he thrived as a carver and from 1977 to 1992 produced stone-cut prints. Unfortunately, he had to cede stonecutting after a devastating back injury he acquired while working construction. However, he has since taken up drawing; several of his pieces have been published since he began.

Malgokak is married to well-known artist, Susie Malgokak. Together they are very active in their community, helping to foster social development.

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