Peter Sevoga

Inuit Native Artist Peter Sevoga from Baker Lake

Baker Lake


One of the premier carvers of Baker Lake, Peter Sevoga became renowned for his breathtaking pieces by his early twenties. His style is distinctive for its extremely sculptural quality. Peter often carves groupings of people, blending their edges together yet allowing for each figure to have very clear movement and emotion. While human figures have afforded Peter much acclaim, his animal carvings also have the same sense of life.

Peter expanded his repertoire as an artist in 1965 when he joined an experimental print workshop, the Sanavik Co-operative. His prints were just remarkable as his carvings; however, Peter continued to spend the majority of his time working with stone, rather than printmaking.

Peter’s work has been exhibited across North America and Europe. He has helped greatly in the proliferation of Inuit artwork, exposing immense talent to the world.

Exhibition information available upon request.

Works by this Artist (Present + Past + Public)

Past Works

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